I interned remotely at Microsoft Garage in Cambridge, Massachusetts from June to August. As the sole designer sponsored by Microsoft Teams, I helped design and build new features.

Summer Internship
Role: UX Designer Intern
Tools: Figma, Adobe Suite, Azure DevOps, Teams


Working as the sole designer in the team, I was honored to add extensibility to Microsoft Teams which can contribute a better experience to 75 million daily active users. My work included leading brainstorming session, conducting user survey and testings, adopting agile development cycle with PM and developers, and handing off consistent, reusable design.

I worked on

Before I talked about all the exciting stuff...

Everything I worked on this summer is confidential. If you would love to know more about the project, please reach out to me at:

Designed & shipped features to Microsoft Teams

The goal was to add extensibility and deliver better remote working experience to Teams platform. The initiative is confidential and will be made public around Q4 CY'20.

Explored the future of Microsoft Teams

As a side project, I collaborated with another Garage design intern on brainstorming session and pair design. We presented our proposals to the leadership team.

Hackathon 2020

I got to participate the yearly internal hackathon event with more than 20,000 hackers. I worked with designer, developers, and data scientists to explore ways to bridge the gap between elder people and technology.


Working Remotely

It is challenging to work as the sole designer in the team remotely. I learned to use technology to collaborate. Ideate and iterate in real time with screen sharing , Figma Design Sprint template, and use Whiteboard in Teams to bring ideas to life.

Being Inclusive

I noticed that people cut off each other a lot during the online meeting. Pause for others to speak and make sure all voices are heard are getting more important than present my own ideas.

Learning New Things

An internship is always about learning. Other than experiencing the full product cycle and working closely with PM, developers and stakeholders, I got to hone my design skills as well as adopt new power-up in my toolbox. I learned to use Cinema 4D to output 3D objects that matched with our current design style and got to host my first virtual brainstorming session.

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