Hello there

I am currently a 4th year at UC San Diego, where I am studying Design, Computer Science and Mathematics.

I am known for my highly collaborative and versatile aptitude to work through the entire product cycle. I have always had a strong passion for helping others, and I found a creative outlet for that passion when I pursued design.

To me, design is to provide delightful experience, and I hope to use my skills to enhance everyday interactions to be more seamless. There are so many paths to take when solving a problem, and the possibility of the design process pushes me to discover and create.

During my experience, I found that personalization experience is crucial and should continue to be demanded for the next years. Since people get emotionally attached to their devices and the apps they use on a regular basis, they expect some level of human-like tendencies. This is where the AI technologies kick in. I am excited about the future that AI technologies can bring to better personalization experience. I will be working on the UX design of Xiaoice AI system with the UX team at Microsoft. I am excited about this upcoming internship not only because my work is going to affect over 660 million registered users, but also I can learn about how AI can improve the user experience.

Other than that, I hope to define a new generation of collaboration tools. I believe that designers and engineers should always work together to build products. I hope to bridge the gap between them. With a background in both computer science and design, I am able to work with them well. But indeed a better collaboration tool can also help with it.

In the next years, I can envision myself designing real-time collaboration tools. Prototyping is the most tangible way to share an idea with the team to gather feedback from users and to raise new questions or solutions for the problem we are trying to solve. Real-Time collaboration tools can remove time-consuming barriers that come with formalities and closed iteration cycles. I am determined to deliver delightful experience!

Things That Are Keeping Me Busy Recently

• Summer research @UC Berkeley!
• #DailyUIDesignChallenge
• Designing & implementing this portfolio site!
• Check PDF version portfolio here.

A bit about my summer research

• Helping understand VR/AR design software for supporting different stages of the design process
• Developing a conceptual map that integrates interactive VR/AR experience with CAD software
• Developing AR iOS application with Mira AR


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Let's Connect

Email: yutongz@berkeley.edu